Greece begins returning migrants to Turkey

Posted on: 16 Apr 2016  |   Tags: ,

Several m?gr?nt? ???k?ng n?w lives ?n Europe were tr?n?f?rr?d fr?m Gr???? to Turk?? ?n A?r?l 4, ?? th? start ?f ?n effort b? th? Eur????n Un??n ?nd Ank?r? t? r?du?? a r?g??n?l ?r???? over m?gr?t??n.

People ?? h?gh ?? 202 were ?l???d on thr?? boats ?n the Greek ??l?nd? ?f L??b?? and Ch???. Th? v????l? th?n made th? ?h?rt tr?? t? Turk?? across the A?g??n Sea, a stretch ?f ????n wh?r? hundr?d? ?f m?gr?nt? m?t their d??th ?? th?? tr??d to r???h Eur???.

A? the b??t? ?rr?v?d ?n the Turkish port, ??v?r?l S?r??n refugees b??rd?d ?l?n?? headed f?r G?rm?n? as ??rt ?f th? EU’? d??l t? accept ?n?th?r S?r??n? wh? m?d? l?g?l r??u??t.

130 ?f th? 202 m?gr?nt? t? Turkey w?r? fr?m Pakistan, as r???rt?d b? Gr??k authorities.  Al?? 42 m?gr?nt? w?r? fr?m Afghanistan while others w?r? fr?m Iran, Sri Lanka ?nd M?r????, ?nd ?th?r countries.

Debated D??l

M?gr?nt in Greece have wh?n?d ?f an absence of ?nf?rm?t??n ?b?ut the refuge m?th?d ?nd ??m? say th?? w?r? un??n????u? th?? ??uld b? r?turn?d.

Frontex h?? been ???r???h?ng EU member ?t?t?? to approach w?th ?xtr? cops and ?th?r staff to br?ng ?t? main g??l ?n Greece u? to ?tr?ngth.

Not a safe ??untr?

Th? ?rr?ng?m?nt t? send ?nd?v?du?l? back ?v?r th? A?g??n S?? has b??n wildly criticised by rights groups ?n m?r?l grounds.

Th? AFP n?w? h?d ?n A?r?l 4 said two Turkish ships on L??b??, ?nd another on Ch???, ???k?d the evacuees wh? were escorted b? ??l??? fr?m the EU fringe office Fr?nt?x.

Turk??h Int?r??r Minister Efk?n Ala h?d ???d h?? n?t??n w?? ?r???r?d t? accept 500 ?ut???t? on April 4, ?nd Gr??k powers had g?v?n 400 n?m??.

S?n?? th? EU ??gn?d ?n agreement w?th Turk??, about 4,000 r?fug??? h?v? been d?t??n?d ?n Gr??k ??l?nd? ??n?? th? ?gr??m?nt ??m? into effect.

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