Government Proposes Tightening of the Work-Visa Rules

With the current migration laws being passed in New Zealand, "untalented" foreigners coming into the country will not be permitted to reside there beyond three years. The foreigners will be required to undergo a period of inactivity before they are allowed to apply for a new work permit. This morning, the Minister for the Department of Migration provided to the public, the list of alterations that are targeted at bringing the amount of migrating foreigners down. The bills would make it even more challenging after the administration stopped the scheme for foreign parents to come into the country the previous year. The other alterations include the requirement that they earn a wage of almost $50,000 annually to be eligible to apply as talented foreigners. Spouses and kids will not be allowed to come into the country expressly and gain employment or begin their education. Rather, they will have to come into the country as tourists and will be required to fulfill the requirements too. Jobs that are not always in demand will have a new permit which will be separate from the previously used one. The Minister also said that the alterations were a difficult thing for the hiring companies to employ more citizens. According to the Minister, “It has been made clear that we intend always to check our migration laws to make sure that they conform to the present situation.” The administration has also made a new section that will permit nearly 4,000 impermanent foreigners to access to permanent residency. Migrants that qualify for this will be allowed to work in the nation with an impermanent permit. The news came after the nation of Australia also made a few alterations to its talented migrant’s policies.

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