Indians with a US visa or green card can get a visa-on-arrival for two weeks stay in UAE. The government of India, UAE, and the US started this scheme on May 1, 2017. UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs undertook the campaign and informed all airport authorities to grant the privilege to Indians with a US visa. Shaikh Khaled Bin Issam Al Qassimi who is the chairman of Department of Civil Aviation in Sharjah was given the responsibility of circulating its government latest move. To be able to use this exclusive service, your visa or green card should be valid for at least six months. It is not a free visa, and you have to pay Dirham 100, which is around INR 1,750 for getting it. However, it isn’t much because you are obviously earning US dollars. You can also extend your visa at an additional cost of Dirham 250. Most Indians fly to India from the US during holidays like Diwali and Christmas. Most go for connecting flights as they are a lot cheaper. Also, most of these people change flights in Dubai. So take advantage of this situation and stay in Dubai for a couple of weeks. You can also invite your family from India to Dubai and for a change spend holidays there.

Boost tourism

This move by the UAE government will most definitely boost tourism. In the last seven months, it has already benefitted the Arab nation’s economy. UAE wants to reduce its dependency on oil and natural gas and is looking for ways to generate income from other sources. UAE’s neighboring nation, Saudi Arabia is also set to welcome its first tourist visa holder in 2018. The country too wants to reduce its dependency on oil and boost tourism. People around the world want to see the cultural beauty of Saudi Arabia, and their wish just got granted.

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