German Populists Propose ‘Negative Immigration’ Of 200,000 Per Year

Posted on: 15 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Germany , Immigration , Visa ,

The electoral party Alternative for Germany published its schedule for the elections on Thursday, declaring its plans for the nation to rid itself of around 200, 000 more foreigners than it allows annually.

The party proposed that “adverse migration” would be integral for many years to come to compensate for the tremendous acceptance of foreigners over the last two years. The party, however, did not enunciate how it would meet the benchmark of 200, 000.

The party is also clamoring for an analysis of who should be held responsible for the “allowed mass migration that began in September 2015.” The crucial area the party is concentrating on is Muslims, and that includes a bar on scarves in all government schools and offices.

“The party will not tolerate Germany to let go of its cultural identities due to a mendacious agreement of tolerance,” the party said.

The Alternative for Germany’s support in recent months had dropped drastically after being the 3rd most common party in the country with around 15.5% support in December. The party currently pools at 8% - 11%.

“The decline in poll numbers doesn’t concern me in the least,” co-leader of the party told reporters. “We may seem on the decline now; it’s happened many times before now.

The most important thing is how we are faring at the date of the elections, and I reckon we are at the top.”

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