The Checkpoints and Immigration Authority of Singapore (ICA) has warned public of latest fraud ICA website, which is the sixth that has been reported since the month of December previous year.

In the month of April, the authority had warned that two fraud websites of ICA. In the month of December, the department has published alerts for three other fraud websites.

According to the statement from ICA, the latest fraud website is phishing for personally identifiable data like passport or ID numbers.

The fraud web pages of the ICA look very much same to the official website of the department. But there are slight differences like the FAQ and Terms and Conditions sections on the official website are not there from the fraud version.

ICA has said that a police complaint has been made and they are working for bringing down the website.

The authority has urged the public to be aware and not fall prey to fraud website, and had asked public to use only the official website.

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