Europe May Allow The US And Canada Travelers With Visas

As of now there is a visa-free travel policy to the Americans and Canadians who are visiting the European Union countries to spend time for a short period. It may change if there is no reciprocity in policy approach.

The European Union is considering to make it a visit Europe to the Canadians and Americans if they do not relax a few countries of the EU to exempt for applying visa for traveling to the United States and the Canada. If the United States do not respond to the requests of the EU, in future the North American countries may lose the advantage of the visa-free travel.

Presently citizens from Croatia, Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Romania are required to apply for the visa to enter the United States. Romanians and Bulgarians also need a visa to enter the maple leaf country.

The objective of the European Union is to gain visa-free travel to all the countries. The United States responding to the request has stated that the visa, till now the US has not received any requests from the five countries for the visa waiver program.

The European Union is demanding visa-free travel to twenty-three nations who are the members of the Union. It has set July 12 as the deadline to both the North American countries to act, or face the similar kind of response for the situation.

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