Employees Not to Worry about Trump’s Latest Immigration Crackdown: Google Says

Tech giants Google are hoping that the current laws on the H-1B permits will not have a detrimental effect on its employees, a report made known to reporters said.

“We wanted to quickly step in and address the issue on behalf of the migration department to make you aware that we are on the case and it should have no effect on you at all,” an email blast sent to employees said.

“Our software engineering jobs are not amongst the employment categories affected by the country’s current migration scheme.

We will keep a close eye on the developments.”

The country’s department of homeland security and the justice department are collaborating on well-searched efforts on the H-1B permit scheme which is the means by which international engineers are hired as talented workers.

The current president Donald Trump’s tougher approach to migration has already made people in Silicon Valley that rely heavily on migrant to fill in unique roles very worried.

When the current president and his team moved for a travel ban for migrants from different Muslim nations, statistics showed that at least one worker from Google found themselves locked out of the country.

A product manager at the firm, SoufiEsmaeilzadeh, a Canadian citizen originally from Iran and presently lives in the United States was on a trade deal meeting in Switzerland when the initial version of the travel ban was passed into effect.

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