EB-1 Visa closed for Indian and Chinese Citizen till October

EB -1 Visa is generally given to people who have excelled in the fields of art, sports, researchers, and professors. At times, it is also given to business executives and managers as well. People look ahead to get this visa as EB-1 visas normally results in a green card within a year. EB-1 visa applicants don’t require to be sponsored by employers.

Almost 40,135 EB-1 applications are processed every year, with a 7% equal share for applicants from all the countries. At no point, more than 7% of the application will be processed from a single country i.e. on a yearly basis approximately only 2810 EB-1 visas are open for any country. Due to the high demand for Indian and Chinese citizens, the cap has already reached for these two countries. So effective 1st August no more applications for EB-1 visa from Indians and Chinese will be processed until the cap is reset. The date for resetting the cap is 1st October. Experts say that it will hit the cap soon again for these two countries because of their high demand, which will hurt US economy.

Immigration lawyers and consultants are calling for transparency in the issuance of visas; immigration is now more political than it has ever been. They also state the political environment is one of the reasons for the heavy demand for EB-1 Visas.

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