E2 Treaty Investor Visa to Get US Green Card

E2 treaty investor visa is one of the most expensive paths to acquiring a US green card, but that hasn’t kept investors away from buying screenplay of independent films. The visa doesn’t directly hand you US permanent residency, but it allows you to renew your US visa indefinitely. Unfortunately, Indian and Chinese investors can’t acquire the E2 treaty investor visa unless they’re married to the citizen of a country that is eligible for the E2 and E1 visa programs. A Forbes report revealed that investing in the script of an independent film is a great strategy. The report said that it makes absolute sense because not only does a foreign investor and his family’s get the US visa but also the filmmaker gets his film made. Securing the E2 visa is a tricky process and requires cutting-edge tax planning. If the US government opens the program for India and China, the country will be flooded with investors from these two countries. Nationals of China and India are eligible for the EB5 visa program, which requires a more significant amount of anything between $500,000 to $1,00,000. It obviously makes the E2 treaty investor visa is a much cheaper and smart investment option. How does the E2 visa program work? An investor needs $400,000 for purchasing a film script, which is very well above the minimum amount of $100,000. You need to invest in an active film because something that’s on the shelf for years is considered an idle investment and won’t be accepted. Only the applicant can control the investment funds. In case, the applicant isn’t the private investor, and he should be hired in an executive, supervisory, highly specialized position in the company he has invested in. Countries that aren’t eligible for the program other than India and China are Brazil, Israel, and Russia. The applicant and his family are eligible for return on investment from the profit earned by the film. The process is very simple as it starts by filling Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application.

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