Computer Programmers May No Longer be Eligible for H-1B Visas

Posted on: 05 Apr 2017  |   Tags: H1B Visa , latest immigration news , USA visa news ,

The United States citizen and migration scheme had covertly made available the new rules that computer programmers no longer qualify to get awarded H-1B permits. The new rule was made available over the weekend.

The move is in concordance with the present government’s stand on keeping the impermanent permits for expert and better-suited professionals while pushing for low-level employment opportunities to go to indigenous workers in the United States.

The new rule also affects submission of applications for the poll in 2018.

Firms that are putting forward applications for the H-1B permits for computer programming openings will have to bring forward extra proof that the position is one that requires complex reasoning or expert professionals.

Entry level salaries that come together with the permits would also be looked at very closely.

The alterations seem to be targeting firms that give out their jobs to other nations, and generally, hire low-skilled employees.

Making this alteration in the laws at the beginning of an application window would shake a few firms who are already used to the previous policies guiding the application of permits in the nation. Most firms may contest the rules because the scheme did not give them enough windows before effecting the changes. A spokesperson for the migration scheme said that the new law is “definitely not an alteration in the former laws” and is a clarification of the present laws.

A lawyer specialising in migration said that this new law would greatly increase the attention to detail placed on the H-1B permit for the computer programmer category.

The lawyer also stated that most of the firms in Silicon Valley don’t employ low skilled programmers and as such, on companies outside the state would feel the true impact of the change.

There seems to be some confusion over the real effect the new law would have.

Some media houses are saying a lot more attention would be paid to the computer programming category.

But in truth, programmers can still apply and obtain H-1B permits. The migration scheme has also made know new guidelines it put in place to curb abuse of the permit application.

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