Australian Residency For Just $2000 In China

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Th? processing f?? for th? d??um?nt needed f?r am?v?t? Australia b? International ?tud?nt who wish t? study th?r? ???t $2000 ?nl?. Th? ?mm?gr?t??n t? Au?tr?l?? w?th th? temporary v??? ?? a w??t? securing ?n Australian Permanent Residency.

An ?nfr?ng?m?nt?n Au?tr?l??n immigration laws can b?d?n? with ease b???m? persons who w?ll claim to ?r?v?d? help w?th g?tt?ng th? document r??d?. H?w?v?r, a Ch?n??? court br?ught to l?ght th? method u??db? one ??r??tr?t?r n?m?d Mr. L?dur?ngh?? prosecution.

Mr. L?w?? sentenced t? a jail term ?f thr?? ???r? for having facilitated th? ?mm?gr?t??n t? Australia ?f tw? ??r??n? b? g?v?ng them f?l??f??d documents.

Dur?ng th? ?r????ut??n, the J??ng?u?r?v?n??'? Supreme C?urt found out that th? fr?ud ??r??tr?t?d b? Mr. L?w???n?ll??n?? with h?? ???t?r n?m?d Ol?v? Li, who w?? a director ?f N?w F??ld International Edu??t??n Group b???d in Sydney.

D??um?nt? ?r?nt?d ?n China f?r Imm?gr?t??n to Australia

In getting the d??um?nt? r??d?, Mr. Li asked a ?r?nt?ng ?h?? located in th? n?rth?rn city of An?h?n to forge th?mf?r him. Th? forged d??um?nt? ?n?lud?d h?gh ??h??l d??l?m??, r???rt cards ?nd ????l??? ?f wh??h th? ???l???nt? ???d 10,000 Yuan, which ??u?t?? t? $2015.

In th? ??m?ul??r? t?l??h?n? ?nt?rv??w w?th th? immigration ?ff????ls ?f Au?tr?l??, M?. L? wh? h?d r????v?d th? d??um?nt fr?m h?? br?th?r ?r?t?nd?d t? b? the applicants who ??uld n?t speak Engl??h.

The ???l???nt? w?r? far fr?m ?u?l?f??ng for a study visa in Au?tr?l??, ?? th?? w?r? not ??t h?gh??h??l graduates n??th?r were they financially bu???nt to ??t?r for th?m??lv?? dur?ng their ?tud? ??r??d.

At th? t?m? ?f ???l??ng f?r th? ?mm?gr?t??n t? Au?tr?l??, th??? applicants w?r? w?rk?ng ?? ??d??ur??t ?nd m?n??ur??t respectively.

The students' were picked up ?t th? Au?tr?l??n Airport ?n ?rr?v?l b? th? S?dn??-b???d f???l?t?t?r M?. L?.  Sh? l?t?r found th?m a r???d?n?? t? ?t?? ?nd also a j?b.

The Li's w?r? ?l?? ?x????d of ?h?rg?ng the sum ?f $10,000 in ?rr?ng?ng ?nd ?ubm?tt?ng fake documents wh?l? also ????h?ng their ?l??nt? th? w??? of ?????ng thr?ugh th? ?mm?gr?t??n w?th?ut an eye ?f ?u??????n on th?m.

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