Arun Jaitley Raises H1B Visa Curbs with US Secretary

The minister of finance in India, Arun Jaitley, has brought up the issue of big fears that the country has suddenly developed as the current government of Donald Trump is set to review the rules guiding the issuance of the H-1B permit and make it stricter. The move by the minister further sheds light on the important part the expert from India play in the development of the economy of the United States. The president of the United States had earlier in the week passed into power a reviewed order that called for stricter measures regarding the H-1B permits scheme. The aim of the new order is to curtail the rampant abuse experienced in the scheme and to make sure that the permit is only given out to the most talented migrants and those sure to earn higher wages. As has already been suspected, the order is set to have an impact in the information technology sector of India already valued at nearly $150 billion. The tech market in India has already made their fears about the move by the United States to make the scheme stricter known. At the meeting between the minister of finance in India and his American counterpart, Arun brought up the matter of the current policies which would be about a stricter H-1B acquisition scheme. Arun stated the benefits of Indian tech professionals to the economy of the United States and hoped that the United States government would consider that when making any moves concerning the permit scheme. In the course of the meeting, the United States secretary of commerce, Wilbur Ross, is thought to have stated that the United States had begun reviewing the permit scheme and no final decision had been made about them yet. Wilbur is also believed to have stated that regardless of the outcome of things, the government of the United States has a goal to issue the permit based on merits which would place the highly talented migrants at an advantage. The policy signed into effect by the US president sometime in the week clamors for a review of the permit scheme by the four departments responsible for the issuance; department of homeland security, department of state, department of justice and the department of labor. The H-1B permit is a nonimmigrant permit that permits the United States firms to hire international employees in positions that require specialized skill in various fields. The tech firms in India rely heavily on it to send a lot of employees to their outpost in the United States.    

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