Anyone Travelling To Us Reminded To Update Passport Or Secure Visa

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As d???l???d b? U.S C?n?ul?t? General in Hamilton, th??? wh? w??h to travel t?th? United St?t?? thr?ugh th? t?m??r?r? v??? program known as V???W??v?r can only d? ?? ?f they h?v? a legitimate ?l??tr?n?? ??????rt. Th? rule which took ?ff??t ?n A?r?l 1, 2016, is also binding ?n th??? wh? ?lr??d? have a l?g?t?m?t? Electronic S??t?m f?r Tr?v?l Auth?r?z?t??n (ESTA).

Th? V???W??v?r Program(VWP) ?? a system that ?ll?w? ??t?z?n? of th? 38 ??rt?????t?ng countries t? visit US f?r t?ur??m ?nd business ?ur????? ?l?n? ?nl? f?r a ??r??d less than or equal t? 90 days w?th?ut obtaining a US visit visa after m??t?ng ??m? r?qu?r?m?nt?.

Th? U.S. C?n?ul?t? G?n?r?l urg?? ?ll ?nt?nd?ng to migrate to US t? confirm t? ??? ?f th??r passports ?r? l?g?t?m?t? ?l??tr?n?? ??????rt? before m?k?ng preparations t? v???t th? Un?t?d St?t?? ?n th? ???t?m ?f V???W??v?r. H?w?v?r, those w?th?ut legitimate electronic ??????rt? w?ll h?v? t? ???u? w?th a nonimmigrant v??? b? U.S ??n?ult or embassy b?f?r? tr?v?l?ng.

In getting a nonimmigrant v???, tr?v?l?r? w?th ?ut th? ?l??tr?n?? ??????rt will h?v? t? be interviewed b? the U.S ?mb???? or ??n?ult before been h?nd?d a passport t? v???t US.

A???rd?ngl?, th? U.S. C?n?ult?t?t?d that the r?qu?r?m?nt f?r h?v?ng an electronic ??????rt ?? f?r citizens ?f th? 38 ??rt?????t?ng countries ?f the Visa W??v?rPr?gr?m (VWP).

Alth?ugh th? ?r?gr?m?? intended f?r ?ll the nationals ?f VWP countries, however und?r th? V??? Waiver Pr?gr?m Im?r?v?m?nt and Terrorist Tr?v?l Prevention Act ?f 2015, ??m? ??r??n? ?r? restricted from migrating to th? US. Th?? include:

  • Th??? who h?v?v???t?d or b??n?r???nt?nIr?n, Ir??, Sudan, ?r Syria ?n?r after M?r?h 1, 2011 (w?thl?m?t?d?x?lu???nf?rtr?v?lf?rd??l?m?t???rm?l?t?r??ur????? in th? service ?f a VWP country).
  • C?t?z?n??f VWP countries wh? are also ??t?z?n??fIr?n, Ir??, Sudan, or Syria.

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