Airport Immigration Officials’ Latest Draconian Tactics Target 11-Year-Old

Posted on: 04 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Latest visa news , News , USA immigration ,

The terrible harsh screening methods employed by the migration officials at the United States’ airports and other ports of entry saw two more persons fall victim to the scheme this week.

The victims, Laura Gomez and Dayana Gomez, two sisters of Colombian descent aged 11 years and 20 years respectively were denied access to their parents.

A very disturbing image being presented by the migration officials.

The siblings were applying together to become certified united states’ citizens.

They journeyed to the international airport located in Boston on Wednesday to see their parents who already resided in the United States. When they arrived, they were arrested and locked up by migration officials for a questioning that took more than a day. The rigorous questioning had adverse effects on little Laura as she developed severe stomach troubles. After the questioning, they were deported back to Colombia, without seeing their parents.

A migration lawyer told reporters that: “This is entirely different from all the cases we have experienced before now.”

According to reports made public in a newsletter: “The little girls did not get to see their parents until Thursday. That was the point when little Laura suffered her stomach upset, and she was taken to a hospital in Massachusetts.

Their parents were not allowed to see them in the hospital, and they were not allowed to make use of their cell phones, and a customs official stood outside the hospital all through the process.

Attorneys describe this situation as the epitome of how the present government’s anti-migration policies were adversely affecting the lives of people all across the country.

The siblings had in their possession return ticket to Colombia from the United States. During their detention, they had no attorneys for hours and were unable to reach their parents. When little Laura was discharged from the hospital, she was taken back to the airport for more interrogation.

The custom and migration agency refused to give their side of the story on the matter.

It only said: “It is imperative to understand that giving an individual a permit does not automatically grant them express entry into the United States.”

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