UK Visa Leave to Remain and Visa Extension Cases to be Challenged

Posted on: 14 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Immigration , News , uk , Visa ,

British visa remains an important issue. Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs committed to "maintain intensity" in the Interior Ministry on UK immigration rules. The promise of the SNP follows after Glasgow Central MP, Alison Thewliss encountered Minister of Immigration UK Robert Goodwill. After the meeting, Thewlis made known her displeasure, saying "no progress has been achieved."

Glasgow Central MP had met with Robert to discuss what she called ''the cinematic limitations” on some visas granted by the UK to people of Iranian descent. Thewlis said: "Among my list of immigration cases in one of an Iranian man who resides in Glasgow Who has been making efforts for almost a decade to get a British visa for his wife in Iran."

"There is also a family who have been trying to acquire a permit since May 2016. The permit would allow the grandmother of her child to visit the United Kingdom," Thewlis disclosed.

Speaking on the issue of the Iranian and his wife, Thewlis stated: "This individual and his wife have been living apart since 2007 when they first tried to get his visa. Their kids mature, and all he is allowed to do can is to visit whenever he can make time out during holidays. I am very displeased that no new development occurred since my meeting with the minister. "

In addition to all this, the new UK Visa talent charge £1,000 annually for many Tier 2 permits applicants, which will be more expensive for Level 2 permit hiring companies and Tier 2 grant applicants. Perhaps, the UK has the highest government permit charges of any nation in the world.

The Ministry of the Interior had this to say: "We are presently experiencing increased levels of demand from the UK permit applicants in Iran."

Meanwhile, the deputy of Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, Drew Hendry is set to host Robert Goodwill this weekend January 23 riding on the issues.

Hendry said, "These are the issues of the family of Scott Johnson and the Zielsdorf family whose visa extension in the UK was rejected, despite investing their savings in a store lifeline in the city's Highland village. "

"Mr Johnson is an American who got married to a Scottish woman, with whom he has a girl of Scottish descent. The Interior Ministry has deemed it right to reject their residence permit remain under the Highlands.

It was revealed that the case of Mr Johnson went before an immigration court in the United Kingdom in Glasgow on December 12, 2016, where he was told that a decision would be made in 14 days. The duration has since elapsed, and Mr Johnson is yet to get a reply from the court.

Drew Hendry said, "The way Mr Johnson was treated; it's an absolute shame.

We continually have a system that does not work, and there is no better illustration of that than this right here.”

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