UK Reconsiders Stand on Immigrants’ Salary Threshold

UK Reconsiders Stand on Immigrants’ Salary Threshold

Following the heat and criticism which the proposed UK salary threshold has generated for some time now, the Home Secretary has ordered the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to review the proposed £30,000 salary for skilled immigrants which was considered too high.

The Home office secretary said in a statement that the committee had been asked to consider if different areas are to obtain different salary thresholds or if there was an exception.

This aim at preventing skilled workers shortages in some sectors in the UK like Lab technicians, junior doctors, paramedics and others who are below the set figure, £30,000.

Mr. Javid had previously hinted on his desire to revisit the figures, with Scotland as his primary concern because they actually need migrant workers than any other nation in the UK.

The 100,000 yearly net immigration which was the target of Mrs. May while serving as home secretary for David Cameron has already been dropped by Mr. Javid.

Mr. Javid has hinted that he targets to have the new proposals contained in the Immigration White Paper, which outlines how the incoming Prime Minister will address the issue when the UK exits the EU.

Post-Brexit Immigration System

The MAC had previously recommended that for the future immigration system, UK should still maintain the existing minimum salary thresholds which stated that for the qualification of a 5-year working visa, recent graduates alongside new entrants should be paid at least £20,800, while the experienced workers are paid £30,000.

However, from the note sent to the committee, the home secretary stated that attracting talented people is still a vital part of the new immigration system so that the economy will be boosted, businesses supported and borders controlled. He further added that requesting a review by the committee is so that the new immigration system may be beneficial to everyone in the UK.

Mrs. May’s proposal was already not supported, and the controversy started in her cabinet with Ministers stating that the recruitment of staff by NHS and the entire public will be hampered. Mr. Javid had also expressed his disapproval on the issue.

A comprehensive report on the review is expected from the MAC in January 2020 when final plans have been made by the government.

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