UK Might Lift Tier 2 Visa Cap As Home Secretary Goes Against The Policy

Sajid Javid became the United Kingdom’s home secretary in April 2018 and definitely isn’t the one who is afraid to speak his mind. His interview with Andrew Marr on BBC News on Sunday was his first one after becoming the Home Secretary. Everyone was waiting to hear him talk about immigration and got to listen to what they wanted to. He seems to be in favor of immigration and feels that the tier 2 visa program needs serious structuring. Javid said he can see the problem and is taking a fresh look at it. He knows a number of his colleagues want him to take a look and that’s exactly what he is doing right now. He hopes to think about it more carefully and see what can be done. Javid has no option but welcome non – European Union skilled immigrants with open arms because Great Britain needs their skills, especially the National Health Service and engineering sector. It also means the United Kingdom should capitalize on British universities to encourage international students to stay back in the country by introducing post-study work permit visa. He also mentioned that he has long considered removing students out of the total immigration target. Even though it has only been a month in the office, Javid is showing all right hints about becoming a successful and sensible Home Secretary. Shortage of staff Thousands of non – EU doctors faced rejection in the last phase of acquiring the tier 2 visa. While some were rejected because the monthly limited was excited, some didn’t fulfill the 50,000 yearly minimum salary requirements. The IT sector which is a critical source of income for the British economy is experiencing similar treatment. The British government rejected tier 2 visa applications of more than 1,226 IT professionals between December 2017 to March 2018.

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