UK Immigration: 50% in the Total Skilled Visa Applications are from India

UK Immigration: 50% in the Total Skilled Visa Applications are from India

Defying the increasing perception that the UK was closing as a desirable migration target, Laura Clarke, the British envoy to New Zealand has said that workers from India still made 50% of all visa appeals granted in the year 2018.

Talking to Media Ms. Clarke also shrugged off any advises that there was any constraint within the UK in associating with India post-Brexit. Brexit does not imply that the U.K is becoming inwards and less associating with the rest of the globe, Ms. Clarke said.

Indo-UK Relationship

Ms. Clarke discussed in a broader way Indo-UK relationship, particularly around the ambiguities of Brexit and enthusiasm to associate with India and how the Indian diaspora residing in the U.K and together shared a passion in cricket, was making the bilateral relations ahead.

Currently, a Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has strongly advised that Britain was dropping behind in the global race to associate with India on its way to growing an economic superpower, and asked upon the Foreign Secretary to renew their approach on India, which could not depend on traditional connections from the days of empire.

The observed barriers in limiting the movement of skilled workforce from India in the UK has been marked as one of the important challenges in the development of a post-Brexit bilateral association between the two nations.

She recognized economic cooperation, cricket, security cooperation and people to people relationships described as the “living bridge” within the two nations by Indian PM Narendra Modi as the basic foundation that will encourage this bilateral relationship in the 21st  century.

She also had the possibility of promoting the inward meeting of the Indian PM Narendra Modi and the organizing of public speech at the Wembley stadium.

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