UK Govt to Ease Visa Regulations for Indian Doctors

After hundreds of requests made by Indian doctors, two cabinet ministers of the UK government are considering the temporary abolition of tier 2 monthly and yearly cap for doctors and nurses. The quota exemption will continue until there are more medically trained British citizens, who will then replace foreign-born doctors and nurses in the United Kingdom. Sajid Javid, who recently became the Home Secretary and Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary are in support of the proposal. Business secretary Greg Clark and Chancellor Philip Hammond will go through the proposal and check if companies actually need the visas. It was revealed in The Standard in the last week of Theresa May, UK prime minister, absolutely refused to budge when Amber Rudd, former Home Secretary, Clark, and Hunt made continuous requests. Javid has carried forward Rudd’s requests and solve the problem that has ruined business for many companies and health chiefs. According to Royal College of Physicians, some severe consequences that will occur if this continues and it means longer waiting lines and money wasted on hiring temporary staff. As of June 1, 2018, there are 93,000 vacancies in the NHS in the United Kingdom currently. Avoid staff shortage Dr. Sarah Wollaston, chairperson, Commons health committee, feels that the change should come soon if the government wants to avoid shortage in the NHS. The UK immigration policy was implemented to benefit the country, but now it is limiting the healthcare and science industry. Jasmine Whitbread, chief executive, London First, said that they rely on foreign-born workers to meet skill shortages. It is essential that the United Kingdom should deliver a fair system, which the country can consider their next goal. Andrew Foster, chief executive, Wrightington, Wigan, & Leigh things the immigration policy is bonkers and is entirely against it. His trust organization hospitals have hired 120 doctors through tier 2 visa system.

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