Shop Worker Who has Lived in UK for 26 Years Detained by Immigration Officers

An employee in a store located in the United Kingdom who has resided and paid levies in the nation for over two decades was apprehended a few days after the Article 50 was activated and now faces the risk of being sent back to his home country, a report printed in the dailies said.

At a fitness diet store in Camden, London, the victim made a tearful call to his boss to report the situation.

The victim’s name is Stojan Jankovic.

He is popularly known as Stoly, and in the call he made, amidst sobbing, he said “they are taking me to prison.

They want to take me away.” Stojan, a 52-year-old man, came into the city of London from the previous nation now known as Yugoslavia in the year 1991 and has been an employee at the food store for more than a decade now. He has been visiting a migration centre each month for the past ten years and has not had a single issue, but last week Thursday he was arrested without prior warning. His boss, John Grayson, said of his employee that he was carried away on the back of a truck and taken to the migration centre in Verne. The centre was once a holding centre in the Portland Isle in Dorset.

He also said that his employee could be deported from the country by Tuesday, a report said. John told journalists of his employee that he is a trustworthy man, never had an excuse to want a day off his duty and always came into work on time.

“He doesn’t owe the government jack. He pays his levies and his national insurance. He has never asked for too much from the government. He’s got a bright smile, always happy, never had a problem with anyone. The customers love him. Fantastic lad he is. Love tranquillity and his life reflect that.”

“He’s the face of our brand. All customers know who he is, the community of buyers are aware of the kind of person he is, and what a swell guy Stoly is. For the last 26 years, Stoly’s been amazing.

A poll that was started on the internet on whether Stoly should face deportation or not. The poll already has 3,000 signatories to it.

One of the signees said “The government should send him back to his home! Yes, his home in the United Kingdom where he has resided in peace for the past decade and a half. This government is bullocks.”

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