Senior Conservative MPs Asked for 5 Year Immigration Ban

Leaders of the conservative wing amongst the British Member of Parliament are asking the country’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, to pass a ban that would last for five years on the untalented migrant work permit. They debated that the main aim should be focused on jobless, young nationals of the nation. A die hard supporter’s forum of the Brexit referendum that desires the nation leaves the European Union’s singular trade circle and regains control of its borders is also campaigning for a brand new merit-based migration system. They believe that couple with the present or modified visas issued for employment, it would greatly drop the migration of individuals to around 50,000 yearly which is around half of what the government hopes to achieve. The forum is comprised of nearly thirty members of parliaments including Gerald Howarth, Dominic Raab, and Owen Paterson. The body disclosed in a report that the referendum on Brexit is not an elegant separation. It is mainly concerned about getting in contact with the world again without bringing hindered by the European Union. A member of the parliament that works together with the forum told reporters that the aims and goals of the forum were to ensure that the interest of the nation comes first, something similar to the mantra of the current united states president. The goal is to have a number of people who migrate into the nation to drop significantly in about five year’s time. A previous spokesperson for the forum also disclosed the following to reporters earlier: “The current employment permit in the country will help the general public achieve their heart desires. It would not entail closing our borders totally, as the most talented and gifted foreigners would always come into the country.” “By implementing tighter policies, a yearly limit coupled with half a century ban on untalented immigrants would go a long way in dropping the yearly migration every year, thereby reducing the stress encountered by the government agencies and the society can progress efficiently.” There would be no limit placed on expert foreigners coming into the nation to work under the scheme, which spurs a lot more citizens of the United Kingdom to want to get jobs in the nation. An employment permit would only be approved to a migrant who already has an employment offer from a hiring firm, is supported by that firm and has a minimum wage of around £35,000    

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