New Changes will Make it Easier for South Africans to Immigrate to the UK

New Changes will Make it Easier for South Africans to Immigrate to the UK

The Home office has published more details about the UK's future immigration system which is skilled-based.

The Department had stated earlier this month that from 2021, there will be an implementation of the new borders and immigration system.

According to the Home office, included in the proposal is the scrapping of the yearly cap of visa for skilled workers and expanding the skills threshold to accommodate people who have an equivalent qualification of A level. 

The Home office further stated that the test given to high-skilled workers in the resident labor market will be removed and a new route will be introduced for skilled temporary workers from low-risk countries. This will pave the way for them to come and stay in the UK for a period of 12 months.

The director of Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants, JP Breytenbach, said that the new immigration system would be great for South Africans who wish to live and work in the United Kingdom.

According to him, the system will end free movement for EU workers to the UK. No specific nationality will be favored. As such, EU Nationals will have to compete with nationals from other countries for UK jobs and visas. He added that when the free movement ends, job opportunities will be more available.

Still Desirable

Despite the recent troubles experienced in the country due to Brexit, Breytenbach opines that South Africans still desire the UK's Labour market. "Since the headquarters of most global businesses are in London and the city is considered the financial capital of the world; it, therefore, means that highly skilled and skilled individuals are opportune for more jobs, in the city and the country at large," said Breytenbach.

He further stated that South Africans would quickly adapt to the culture and workplace in the UK, as there is no language barrier. The flight distance which is short is another advantage.

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