Indian Students Enrollments in the UK Rise for the first time in almost a Decade

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Indian Students Enrollments in the UK Rise for the first time in almost a Decade

According to a report from the UK Home Office, students from India have started traveling to the UK once again. For nearly ten years, the number of Indian students traveling to UK, yearly, for studies has been on a steady decrease. However, the trend has changed as 2017/2018 witnessed a significant number of 19752 students being enrolled in UK Universities. This is an increase of 3200 students from the number enrolled the year before. It is also coincidental that the number of Tier 4(sponsored study) visas issued to Indian citizens increased by 33% in 2018 which ended in September.

The peak of admission of Indian nationals was in 2010/2011 with enrollment numbering 39,090 in UK universities and colleges. Statistics shows that a bulk of Indians studied at institutions in England. Statistics in the last Academic Year also shows that more than half of these students were pursuing post-graduate degrees.

The top most pursued courses for these Indians are engineering and business. According to the Director of international affairs at New Castle University, Computer Science, Finance, Bio-Science, Business and Engineering are the most sought after subject areas at the institution.

Due to this growth in interest, special efforts are being made by universities. Provision of scholarships and the expansion of work opportunities are parts of the benefits used to lure these students.

UK is becoming more accommodating to Indian students than before. After the Brexit has been reached the intake levels of international students may be increased by the UK from 460,000 to 600,000 yearly by 2030.

Extension of stay in UK

With the new policy, students of the bachelor’s and masters degree will be given an extension of six months stay in the country, while the PhDs will be given a year, after the completion of their studies. Also, there would be equal and fair treatment between EU and non-EU nationals. SajidJavid, British Home Secretary has instructed that the restrictions placed on international students’ post – work study be lifted.

In April, Jo Johnson, the Universities Minister expressed his appreciation towards the lifting of restrictions ban.

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