Indian Professionals Backed by More British Mps

Many Indian professionals rallied in front of the British parliament on June 5, 2018, and were joined by many ministers of parliament and House of Lords members, which was very surprising. They are completely in support of Indians and non - European Union professionals who were wrongly accused by the UK Home Office and considered them terrorists, rejecting their indefinite leave to remain applications. Indian professionals have held four such demonstrations since January 2018. Immigration officials refused IDR applications of more than 1,000 Indian professionals and accused them of violating the 322 (5) of the Immigration Act. The act is used for deporting terrorists from the country, who are a threat to the nation. Indian professionals who had their IDR applications rejected were because of making changes to their tax records, which is absolutely legal according to British laws. Sajid Javid, the newly elected home secretary, assured all - EU professionals that he will look into the matter and review their applications again. Lawmakers who supported the demonstration on June 5 were Stephen McCabe, Alison Thewliss, Stephen Doughty, Ruth Cadbury, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, and Afzal Khan. No response from UK Home Office The rally’s co-organizer, Aditi Bhardwaj, said that there'd been no update on the issue after Javid’s announcement in the last week. She said that the review announcement was fine, but the UK Home Office isn’t doing anything about the Indians who are already affected and come again to protest. They aren’t still able to work because of the application denial. They are yet to see a positive development. Javid has informed the Home Affairs Committee that he asked the immigration minister to review a cohort of cases that arrived under the Tier 1 General route and were refused because of discrepancies with their tax records. He also mentioned that Home Office will individually check cases of those who were mistakenly rejected and left the country voluntarily.

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