The United Kingdom's exit from the European Union will have a negligible impact on India. The growth forecast says that India will maintain its consistent growth by 7.9%.

Presently it will not affect Indian exports to the United Kingdom and Indian migrants living there. As most of the Indians in the UK are with intra-company transfers, a furthermore number of Indian students can go for the affordable international education in the United Kingdom.

Indian companies with establishments in London have to shift or change headquarters to have access to European markets. The European Union mostly supplies skilled labor to Indian companies, before the exit it was comfortable for them.

But, now it may force Indian companies to move to other European Union countries.

Regarding migrant population Indians along with Australians have very less impact as they gained support from Brexiters.

Recently Science and Technology Committee insisted for relaxing visa policies to import skilled professionals that are in demand.

The United Kingdom is facing a huge shortage of digital professionals; it is affecting its economy primarily.

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