Brexit - As Is Condition

The English will vote on June 23, a referendum that will have the national consequences and surely if people vote for United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will change the demography of the United Kingdom.

The open border policy of the European Union has invited large scale population to the United Kingdom, and the exit campaign supporters exploited immigration fears and gained massive support from locals.

The remaining campaign supporters are supporting EU migrants, by terming their contribution as a boost to country’s financial health. Apart from this, EU migrants are putting enormous pressure on the Housing, National Health Service, and other public services.

The Supporters argue that lack of controls on the borders will make the U.K unsafe in the era of international terrorism. When it comes to the most important part of i.e. jobs, the opposition side debates that three million jobs are associated with the EU migrants. And this may result in job crisis across the UK.

UK’s  45 %  of trade with the Europe will have an impact on the businesses. The leave campaign debates that U.K can negotiate on trade deals and even EU needs the British market. London is the global powerhouse and can influence any trade agreement in the world.

The European Union as a whole with the United Kingdom had largely influenced the world issues, and there are several people who neither s support nor deny, which is quite common in the democratic setup.

Whatever, it may be immigrant minorities have become the target of political groups. Be it, the United States or any other nation, the ant-immigrant rhetoric is quite common, nowadays.

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