UK Tier 2 Visa Losing Power – Applicants Turn Away

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Tier 2 Visa applications in UK on the decline – Indians wary of harsh immigration policies

The Tier 2 Visa is slowly descending into the depths of unpopularity, according to the records revealed by the Home Office. Their statistics point towards a 4 percent drop in the number of applications recently. This is one of the consequential events of the continuous application of numerous restrictions in the UK’s immigration policies.

Most people move to the UK for employment through the Tier 2 route. They then head back at the end of the time limit. The employer in the UK needs to hold a Tier 2 Sponsor’s license. The employer also needs to register as a legitimate Tier 2 Sponsor in the records. They need to undergo a labor market test to find UK and EU citizens before they can look elsewhere.

Indians form a majority of the applicants, mostly in the technology and digital technology sectors. But reports from Home Office show a steady decline in the number of applications coming from India. A similar phenomenon exists in the US. Trump’s crusade against immigration has mired the H-1B visa in caps and processing slowdowns. Employers in these countries continue to be concerned about the shortage of skillsets when the inevitable happens.

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Decline not slowing down

Despite pleas and requests from influential citizens like Lord Jitesh Gadhia, and the willingness of the government to introduce a favorable immigration atmosphere, the trend shows clear signs of frustration.

Not all is going downhill though. The recently leaked document from Home Office indicates a possibility of a fair job market and the end to preferential treatment of EU citizens. This can mean good news to the Indian applicants, since the employers can unshackle themselves from at least a part of the labor market test. Testing times may lie ahead, but positive developments can be in store, come 2018 and beyond.