UK To End Preferential Treatment Of EU Nationals Post Brexit



Leaked document reveals plans on reforms to cut down net immigration from the European Union after Brexit

The leak of an official Home Office document has led to the discovery of their plans of reforming their immigration system in the wake of an imminent Brexit. The document outlines the changes to be brought about for EU nationals wishing to enter the UK under a legitimate pretext.

Under the EU regulations, the EU nationals are not required to carry passports and allowed free movement in UK. They can claim benefits, settle in the UK and bring in family members from their home countries with the same effects. According to the pro-Brexit public, this has put a strain on the British taxpayers with no sense of a valid return.  This has led to an disproportionate increase in the influx of migrants from all over Europe, adding to the net migration figures. Preferential treatment for EU nationals to work and live in there also prevents the UK from tapping other potential labor markets outside the EU.

Hoping to bring that number down under 100,000 the Home Office has proposed a three phase system which will enable the UK to regularize immigration for a person from any nationality. A host of procedures are waiting to be implemented once Brexit happens.

The migrant workers from EU will be sorted into low skilled and high skilled ones. The lower skilled migrants will have permission to stay and work in the UK for up to a maximum of two years and the higher skilled workers will have permission to stay for three to five years. Regardless of purpose, the EU nationals will need to carry their passports at all times. They will be required to undergo security checks for identity as well as their documentation. These are just a few measures discussed in the document.

This move may not bode well for a majority of EU migrants, but some people contemplate that this is actually a boon in a bane’s disguise. Leaked document or not, this was to be expected anyway.