R?qu?r?m?nt? F?r C?n?d? F?d?r?l Sk?ll?d W?rk?r Pr?gr?m

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Sk?ll?d Work Experience

Y?ur w?rk ?x??r??n?? must b?:

  • At least one year (1,560 hours t?t?l / 30 hours ??r week), ??nt?nu?u? full-time ?r ?n equal ?m?unt ?n ??rt-t?m?,
  • P??d w?rk (v?lunt??r work, un???d internships do n?t ??unt),
  • In th? ??m? job,
  • W?th?n th? l??t 10 years, ?nd
  • At ?k?ll type 0, or skill l?v?l? A ?r B ?f the 2011 N?t??n?l O??u??t??n?l Cl????f???t??n (NOC).

CanadaLanguage ?b?l?t?

Y?u mu?t:

  • M??t th? m?n?mum l?ngu?g? l?v?l ?f C?n?d??n L?ngu?g? B?n?hm?rk (CLB) 7, and
  • Take a l?ngu?g? t??t ???r?v?d b? C?t?z?n?h?? ?nd Imm?gr?t??n C?n?d? (CIC) th?t ?h?w? ??u meet th? l?v?l for speaking, l??t?n?ng, r??d?ng and writing. You mu?t ?h?w th?t ??u m??t th? r??u?r?m?nt? in English ?r Fr?n?h by including th? t??t results wh?n ??u complete ??ur Ex?r??? Entr? profile. Y?ur test r??ult? mu?t n?t b? more th?n tw? ???r? ?ld on the d?? you ???l? f?r ??rm?n?nt residence.


Y?u mu?t h?v?:

  • A C?n?d??n ????nd?r? (high ??h??l) ?r ???t-????nd?r? ??rt?f???t?, diploma or d?gr??, OR
  • A ??m?l?t?d f?r??gn ?r?d?nt??l, ?nd
  • An Educational Cr?d?nt??l Assessment (ECA) report fr?m ?n agency ???r?v?d b? CIC. [The r???rt mu?t show ??ur f?r??gn ?du??t??n is ??u?l to a ??m?l?t?d C?n?d??n ????nd?r? (h?gh school) or post-secondary ??rt?f???t?, d??l?m? ?r degree.]

How T? Settle In C?n?d? W?th F?m?l?

If ??u ?r? ?mm?gr?t?ng to C?n?d? w?th F?m?l?, ??u have t? consider a few m?r? additional things wh?l? applying f?r C?n?d??n PR. Y?u may apply to th? key Immigration programs, ?.?. QSWP, wh?r? ??u get m?rk? f?r the ?r?d?nt??l of ??ur spouse ?? w?ll. H?w?v?r, ?l???? r?m?mb?r that ??u w?uld r??u?r? th? ????r?t? health ?nd ?h?r??t?r ??rt?f???t??n? f?r ?v?r? member of your f?m?l?. Th? Federal Express Entr? System ?nd QSWP (Quebec Sk?ll?d Workers Pr?gr?m) ?r? two of th? b??t Pr?gr?m? for Canada Imm?gr?t??n w?th Family.

C?n?d? Ex?r??? Entr? Pr?gr?m

Ex?r??? Entr? is n?t ?n immigration ?r?gr?m in itself, but rather a ???t?m u??d b? Citizenship and Imm?gr?t??n Canada (CIC) t? ??l??t candidates f?r ?mm?gr?t??n t? C?n?d? using th? following economic ?mm?gr?t??n programs:

  • Federal Sk?ll?d Worker Cl??? (formerly th? Federal Skilled W?rk?r Pr?gr?m)
  • Federal Sk?ll?d Tr?d?? Cl??? (f?rm?rl? the Federal Sk?ll?d Tr?d?? Pr?gr?m)
  • C?n?d??n Experience Cl???
  • A portion ?f th? Provincial N?m?n?? Programs

Requirements F?r C?n?d? W?rk Permit

N? m?tt?r wh?r? ??u apply, ??u mu?t:

  • Pr?v? t? an officer that ??u will leave C?n?d? wh?n ??ur w?rk ??rm?t expires,
  • Show th?t you h?v? ?n?ugh m?n?? to t?k? ??r? of ??ur??lf and ??ur f?m?l? m?mb?r? during ??ur ?t?? ?n Canada ?nd t? r?turn h?m?,
  • Ob?? th? law and h?v? n? record ?f criminal ??t?v?t? (w? m?? ask ??u to g?v? u? a ??l??? clearance ??rt?f???t?),
  • N?t b? a d?ng?r t? Canada’s ???ur?t?,
  • B? in g??d health ?nd have a m?d???l exam, if needed,
  • Not plan to work f?r ?n ?m?l???r listed w?th th? ?t?tu? “?n?l?g?bl?” ?n th? list of employers who failed t? comply w?th the conditions,
  • N?t ?l?n t? w?rk f?r ?n employer wh?, ?n a regular basis, ?ff?r? ?tr??t????, erotic d?n??, ????rt ??rv???? ?r erotic m????g??,
  • N?t h?v? w?rk?d in C?n?d? f?r one ?r m?r? ??r??d? th?t t?t?l four ???r? ?ft?r A?r?l 1, 2011 (with ??m? ?x???t??n?), ?nd
  • G?v? the officer any ?th?r d??um?nt? th?? ??k f?r t? ?r?v? ??u ??n enter the country

Qu?b?? Sk?ll?d Imm?gr?t??n

Qu?b?? Sk?ll?d W?rk?r program ?? ?n ?mm?gr?t??n program th?t d??? n?t require a valid j?b offer from a C?n?d??n or Qu?b?? ?m?l???r. The program ??l??t? candidates f?r ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? wh? are l?k?l? to become economically ??t?bl??h?d and wh? h?v? th? ?nt?nt??n ?f residing ?n Quebec.

Qu?b?? ?? C?n?d?'? ?nl? Fr?n???h?n? ?r?v?n??. Th? Quebec Sk?ll?d W?rk?r ?r?gr?m has ?????f?? qualifying criteria based ?n Qu?b??'? ?ultur?l un??u?n???. An ???l???nt can ?n?lud? their spouse, ??mm?n-l?w ??rtn?r, ?nd ?n? dependent ?h?ldr?n ?n th??r application ?? w?ll. In fact, under th? Quebec Sk?ll?d W?rk?r ?r?gr?m, additional ???nt? ?r? ?w?rd?d t? applicants w?th f?m?l???, ???????ll? th??? w?th ??ung children.

Requirements For Qu?b?? Skilled Imm?gr?t??n

First: You mu?t ???l? to the Quebec g?v?rnm?nt f?r a ??rt?f???t? ?f ??l??t??n (C?rt?f???t d? sélection du Québec). Th?? ?h?w? that Qu?b?? h?? ?????t?d ??u as ?n ?mm?gr?nt. Qu?b?? will assess you using ?t? ?wn rul??.

V???t th? Qu?b?? immigration w?b??t? to f?nd ?ut h?w t? apply.

S???nd: If Qu?b?? chooses you, you mu?t th?n ???l? t? C?t?z?n?h?? and Immigration C?n?d? (CIC) f?r ??rm?n?nt residence.

As part ?f the process, ??u w?ll n??d t? h?v? a m?d???l ?x?m ?nd g?t a ??l??? ?h??k (??rt?f???t?). All ?mm?gr?nt? mu?t have th??? checks, no m?tt?r where th?? plan t? l?v? in C?n?d?.

Imm?gr?t??n To C?n?d? Fr?m Ind??

M??t ???ul?r passage t? C?n?d? fr?m India h?? b??n und?r f?d?r?l ?k?ll?d migration regime. Th?? ?r?gr?m ?ff?r? an un??r?ll?l?d fr??d?m t? travel and w?rk anywhere ?n C?n?d?. Curr?ntl? this ?r?gr?m ?? und?rg??ng a tr?n?f?rm?t??n ?nd ?ff?rt? ?r? on to make FSWP m?r? r????n??v? t? n??d? of Canadian economy. Th?r? are ??m? ??n??d?r?bl? changes being ?l?nn?d and ?n?? implemented (t?nt?t?v? date ?f ?nf?r??m?nt ?f these amendments ?? J?nu?r? 2013) f??u? ?f ?mm?gr?t??n r?g?m? will ?h?ft t? m?r? n??d based ?k?ll?d m?gr?t??n (?? ??m? trades h?v? b??n k??t in r??tr??t?d professions ?l??? to ?urt??l inflow of migrants in professions where th?r? ?? a sizeable ?r???n?? of l???l w?rk f?r??).

Pr?????d modifications put the ???r?t??b?l?t? ?n N?t??n?l ???u??t??n?l ?l????f???t??n – NOC ?nd ?ll future regime ?nd???t?r? w?ll fun?t??n ?n close collusion w?th NOC. Em?h???? ?f f?d?r?l migration ???t?m is going to b? on ?n??ur?g?ng ??ung?r ?m?gr?nt? t? ??rt?????t? ?n labor ???l for a longer ??r??d. Besides age, th?r? ?r? ?th?r ???t?m?t?? modifications being ?l?nn?d to f???l?ft ?mm?gr?t??n ??t-u?. L?ngu?g? ?b?l?t? h?? b??n ?r??r?t?z?d ?n n?w system ?? language ?? ??n??d?r?d ?n ?m??rt?nt element ?n ?b?l?t? ?f m?gr?nt? and th??r spouses t? adapt ?n l???l ?????-???n?m?? ???n?r?? ?ff????ntl? ?nd ?ff??t?v?l?!

R?qu?r?m?nt? F?r Canada Student Visa

canada students
  • You mu?t h?v? been ?????t?d by a d???gn?t?d l??rn?ng ?n?t?tut??n in C?n?d?.
  • Y?u mu?t ?r?v? th?t ??u have enough m?n?? t? ??? f?r ??ur:
  1. Tu?t??n fees
  2. Living ?x??n??? for ??ur??lf and ?n? family members wh? ??m? w?th you t? C?n?d? ?nd
  3. R?turn tr?n???rt?t??n for ??ur??lf and ?n? family m?mb?r? wh? ??m? w?th ??u t? Canada.
  • Y?u must be a l?w-?b?d?ng ??t?z?n w?th n? criminal record ?nd not b? a r??k to th? security ?f C?n?d?. Y?u m?? have t? ?r?v?d? a ??l??? certificate.
  • Y?u mu?t be in g??d h??lth ?nd w?ll?ng t? ??m?l?t? a m?d???l ?x?m?n?t??n, ?f n??????r?.
  • You must ??t??f? ?n immigration officer that ??u w?ll l??v? Canada at the ?nd of your authorized stay.

Top D??t?n?t??n? In C?n?d? T? V???t

Canada touristsOTTAWA

L???t?d ?t th? ??nflu?n?? ?f th? Ott?w?, G?t?n??u ?nd R?d??u rivers ?n southeastern Ontario, Ott?w? ?? th? ????t?l of C?n?d?. As th? n?t??n’? capital, Ottawa is h?m? to many f?n?n???l, ??mm?r???l ?nd f?d?r?l ??t?bl??hm?nt? including Parliament H?ll, th? government seat wh?r? th? ceremonial Ch?ng?ng of the Gu?rd t?k?? place daily dur?ng th? ?umm?r. Running right through the heart ?f th? city, the Rideau C?n?l ?? Ott?w?’? ?t?r attraction. In w?nt?r th? canal becomes th? w?rld’? l?rg??t ice ?k?t?ng r?ng.


Th?nk? t? a couple of ????t??ul?r mountains ??ll?d Wh??tl?r ?nd Bl??k??mb, the Whistler r???rt ?? the l?rg??t ?nd m??t famous ?l??n? ?k? d??t?n?t??n in North America. L???t?d ?n th? Coast M?unt??n? of British C?lumb??, Wh??tl?r is a tw?-h?ur tr?? fr?m V?n??uv?r along C?n?d?’? m??t ???n?? dr?v?, the S??-t?-Sk? Highway. At the b??? of the tw? mountains are three ?u??nt v?ll?g??, Whistler V?ll?g?, Cr??k??d? ?nd U???r V?ll?g?. Th? P??k 2 Peak gondola tr?n???rt? v???t?r? from th? v?ll?g?? to th? m?unt??n?.


V?n??uv?r I?l?nd, n?m?d after th? British explorer George V?n??uv?r, ?? th? l?rg??t ??l?nd ?ff th? W??t C???t ?f the N?rth Am?r???n ??nt?n?nt. L???t?d ??r??? from Washington State, ?t ?? ???????bl? b? ferry thr?ugh the San Ju?n Islands fr?m An???rt??, fr?m P?rt Ang?l?? on th? ?t?t?’? Olympic P?n?n?ul?, or fr?m V?n??uv?r on m??nl?nd Br?t??h C?lumb??. It’? f?m?u? f?r th? ?u??nt ??t? ?f V??t?r??, th? gorgeous But?h?rt G?rd?n?, th? ?urf town of T?f?n? ?nd th? w?ld?rn??? in the north, wh?r? ?n? ??n ??t?h a f?rr? t? Prince Ru??rt, and another t? Al??k? fr?m th?r?.

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