Things to do Before Obtaining an Abroad Student visa

Things to do Before Obtaining an Abroad Student visa

Numerous students share the dream of schooling abroad. According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, since July 2018, Indian students schooling abroad are over 7 lakh.

When it comes to the yearly student visa applications, Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK are considered the most popular places that students love to go to. Other countries include Germany, Latvia, France, and Italy.

If you intend to join most of the students who dream to study abroad, there are some things that need to be checked before then. An essential one is a visa which is the most crucial document for any journey abroad.

A lot of things, whether considered minor or major need to be done before boarding a flight to your destination.

1. Acceptance letter: An acceptance letter must be issued to you from your chosen university before obtaining a visa. Payment of partial or full tuition fees may also be required. Your period of stay in school abroad will help determine the type of visa to be applied for. However, different countries have different rules governing visa applications.

2. Procrastination: Procrastination is a thief of time; ensure you do not fall prey for it. Make early consultations regarding the right visa to obtain from your embassy or college. The ideal time for visa application is between one and three months before the course commences.

3. Medical/Healthcare Insurance: Ensure that you undergo medical checks and test to establish your immunity to possible disease outbreaks in your country. Some countries require health insurance before granting visas, probably between a month to three. Some countries, however, require health Surcharge while others don’t.

4. Make sure your documents are ready to avoid being denied a visa. Ensure that your passport has a validity of six months. The following documents should be available during your visa interview:

  • Photos
  • Passport
  • Acceptance letter
  • Financial documents with proof of funds
  • Student loans approval
  • Academic qualifications
  • Test scores of English language qualifications

Proof of international students health cover

5. Visa conditions: Ensure that you know, as per your desired country, your entitlements as regards your visa. Do you require a part-time job as a student? Will you need a work permit after graduation? These things should be noted if you are entitled to them depending on your selected country.

Take caution

With these points checked off the list, a significant part of the student visa application has been covered. However, ensure you know the specific requirements for each country before applying as conditions may vary per country.

Take caution and meet the right and authorized personnel. Beware of fraud.

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