Malaysia is the best place for higher education in Asia

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In rapid development of science and technology education has plays a significant importance. Europeans and Americans are already been treated as the best place for education and techno craft. But currently Asians are also challenging them in this aspect. Many intellectuals and analyzers predict that Asia will be the next super power in the field of education within few years.

Now a day’s Malaysia is one of the leading destination hub for education not only in Asia but also for the whole world. Globally the significant of higher education at Malaysia has been increased day by day. There are 151,979 international students had enrolled in the year 2015 said by the minister of higher education, Malaysia Mr.Idris jusoh. It has been ranked as the 9th best country for education in a serve of UNISCO in the year 2015. There are various factors which lead the country as a best education hub in world.

Quality education with affordable price is also a matter of fact to make the country as one of the leading education hub all over the world. The Malaysia government also pays the attention towards the scholastic method of study and allows the foreign universities to establish the branches at Malaysia.

Australia’s Monash university and U.K’s university of Nottingham have already set up their branches at Malaysia. Monash university Malaysia‘s marketing director Jay Jayatilaka told that students are being benifited from the top international university and able to enhance their innovation with a low affordable price.

At Malaysia a student can do his undergraduate course in an international university within an expense of US$ 10,000. Whereas it will cost around US$ 72,000 for Australia. It is clearly understood that Malaysia is providing best quality education with low price.

Low cost of living with highly qualitative lifestyle also one more importance of Malaysia. Hostel facilities also being provided to the students from their respective university. Food and accommodation are also good in there. The tropical climate, culture and diversity, livability and exposure of science and technology are the source of attraction for the students globally.

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