Benefits of Internship While Studying Abroad

Many Indian students avoid interning while studying abroad. Money is the only reason because most internships are unpaid and maintaining finances is difficult. However, you can include your accommodation, food, and transportation costs in your student loan and do an internship. It is an ideal situation, but if your finances permit you, doing an internship is the best way to go around while studying abroad. Here are four reasons why you should intern while studying abroad:

International experience

Intern in a multinational company, the experience will be the most valuable. Intern for six months and then ask if they can hire you on a part-time basis. This will put you a step ahead than your classmates. If you impress the employer, you develop your skills and knowledge, and he might even hire you before graduation.

Transitioning into a job is easy

Because you were already working, transitioning from college life to work life is easy for you. You know how everything works and don’t even have to go around finding a job. Also, that few months of added experience is going to get you a long way.

Become awesome at multitasking

You’re studying and working at the same time. This only shows how good you are at multitasking. You are out of your comfort zone and absolutely winning at adulting. It also gives you an idea of what is expected of you and learns how to handle difficult tasks and deadlines.

Become unique

You are just not different than the best, but very very unique. To intern while studying is a very bold decision and this reflects how ambitious you are. If an employer is impressed, he will offer you a job himself, and you wouldn’t even need to ask them. That’s why always do internships in your career as it puts a strong message across. You are unique, and they need you.

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