Singapore Tightens Work Visa Rules for Indian Technical Graduates

Posted on: 13 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Immigration news , India visa news , Latest visa news ,

According to news reports received on Monday, technology experts from India are now finding it hard to get permits for employment in the country of Singapore after the current administration suspended the total business agreement. In the past, they have faced increasing difficulties in getting work permits in the United States and the addition of Singapore to the list of restricted countries does not bode well for them. Firms from India have been told to recruit from the country also, and the companies have started to consider the option of moving their businesses elsewhere. “The issue of the permit is one that has been plaguing Indian techies for a while now. All firms from India have been told to recruit from the country,” a CEO of a firm in Singapore told news agencies. The country of India is in advanced talks with the president of the United States about the H-1B permits for foreigners. The order passed by the President of United States limits the permits for Indian tech workers and also terminates the job security of many Indian workers in the country aiming to work with the H-1B permits. The permit enables foreigners to be recruited to companies in America for positions that need quality experts. It is very common for Indians to apply for this permits as they are heavily recruitment by technological firms in the United States.    

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