Tier 2 Visas Enables Employers to Hire Foreign Workers

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United Kingdom firms have a great option to choose the skilled professionals from any part of the world. The UK Government’s facilitates the firms to hire foreign nationals for the vacant jobs in their respective industries. The approved employer can welcome foreign nationals if the vacant position is not filled by settled workers.

The four main categories of the UK Tier 2 visa are:

  • Tier 2 General
  • Tier 2 Intra-company transfer
  • Sportsmen
  • Minister of Religion

Tier 2 Visa – General: The skilled professional with a valid job offer from the UK employer, and who meets the criteria to work in the skill shortage occupation of the United Kingdom can apply for this visa.

Tier 2 – Intra-company Transfer:  This category allows only those individuals who are working in the multinational companies with branches in the UK. The visa permit under this category can be long term, short term and for training, based on the requirement, it has four more relevant categories.

  • Long Term Staff – This group allows the companies to transfer those professionals, who worked with the company for 12 months. The transfer under this category is long term based and the foreign worker can live in the United Kingdom up to five years.
  • Short Term Staff – This class fills the position with foreign national for 12 months.
  • Graduate Trainee – The newly recruited foreign nationals can be transferred to the UK branch for training purpose. The maximum period of the work permit is only 12 months.
  • Skills Transfer – If you are moved to the United Kingdom for acquiring skills in the UK branch, the maximum duration of this visa is six months.

Tier 2 – Sportsperson

This visa is granted for the professional sportsmen who are exceptionally talented and who make a valuable contribution to the United Kingdom in the respective field.

Tier 2 – Minister of Religion

This visa is granted for religious preachers, and people who can work within the faith of that community.

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