European Union Re-Launching Work Permit Scheme

The European is planning to draft a proposal to re-initiate the work permit system to deal with the uncontrolled migration to the European Union nations. This new regime would be quite similar to that of the United States Green Card.

The European Commission will also plan for funding African countries, by reducing incentives to the European Union citizens.

The European Union officials conceded that the Blue Card initiative started in the year 2012 did not fulfill the requirement of the labor market needs. The primary intention of the program was to bring in the workforce to counter the problems associated with the aging and low-birth rate in the European Union countries.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis allowed large-scale migration to the European Union countries and over one million refugees reached Europe.

The Blue card scheme is to welcome the qualified migrants; it is not applicable to the refugees. Economic migration is the only viable option for development in the European Union countries.

Movement of trained workers from the African countries of the European Union is drawing large-scale criticism from African leaders.

The European Union leaders have said they will propose and target investment in the African countries, where development is quite low and their main aim is to contain migration from Africa to Europe.

The Summit, Valletta will ensure that 1.8 billion Euros will be set aside in the existing budget as an emergency trust fund for Africa.

Looking at the current migration trends in the European Union, the EU leaders are trying to raise money to support development in the world’s poorest continent.

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