Canada - Strategy to Expedite Visa Processing For Foreign Workers

Understanding the need of emerging technology companies in Canada, the Canada Government has launched innovation strategy which speeds up visa processing for skilled foreign workers.

The announcement of the new strategy lacked details of processing times. The present system of immigration brings skilled foreign workers in just six months. However, industry bodies are demanding for a fast procedure and claimed that it is affecting their growth.

The tech employers think of Government’s policies as not at the pace required by the industries.

While speaking at another event, John McCallum, the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, recognized that, although the government reached its six-month-target 80% of the time last year, this is not the tech industry’s idea of a quick immigration process. McCallum went on to say that, “we want to open our doors to the best and the brightest…so, apparently, I will be working very hard to try to accommodate their needs as best I can.”

The delays are due to the requirement of Labor market approval mandatory for employers in Canada Federal Skilled Workers Program. To receive positive LMIA, the employer has to prove that they did not find talent in the local labor market.

The Labor Market Impact Assessment is useful while targeting employers who abuse the system.

Canada Immigration System underwent significant changes, since the formation of new Liberal Government in November 2015.

Citizenship Laws were eased; country specific visa processing times for dependents were released.

The whole system of Immigration underwent drastic changes, and the Canada Immigration Minister John Mac Callum signaled reviewing the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and if needed the LMIA will be dropped for the software industry.

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