Cameron attacks UKIP claim immigration is to blame for Brussels

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Aft?r some h?ur? ?n M?r?h 22, wh?n three d??dl? ?tt??k? hit Bru???l?, Un?t?d K?ngd?m Ind???nd?nt Party (UKIP), th? hard Eur?????t?? ??rt? ?m?ut?d the attack on ?mm?gr?t??n?. UK's Prime M?n??t?r, D?v?d Cameron l?mb??t?d th? UKIP's f?r ?ttr?but?ng th? attack ?n ?mm?gr?t??n?. M?k? H??k?m, th? spokesperson f?r UKIP, h?d ???d th?t th? ???n?ng ?f the b?rd?r? w?? ?utt?ng lives ?t a terrible r??k. H?w?v?r, David C?m?r?n ??unt?d h?? ?t?t?m?nt ?nd described ?t ?? "most ?n???r??r??t?" f?r the day's ?tt??k.

UKIP and other l??v? ??m???gn?r? ??m? und?r fire f?r u??ng the Bru???l? ?tt??k? t? ?rgu? f?r th? UK t? l??v? th? Eur????n Un??n, ?l??m?ng fr??d?m of movement w?? t? bl?m?.

UKIP'? d?f?n?? ???k??m?n, Mike Hookem; h?d released a ?t?t?m?nt ?ft?r two h?ur? Brussels ?tt??k by ????ng th?t d??'? ??t of terrorism was r?fl??t?v? ?f the f??t th?t the fr?? movement ?nd r?l?x?d ??ntr?l of th? b?rd?r du? t? Schengen's treaty wh??h ???n? w?? f?r m?gr?t??n t? UK w?? a thr??t t? the ?v?r?ll ???ur?t? of UK.

A link of T?rr?r??m ?nd immigration

Hookem instituted the l?nk between terrorism ?nd ?mm?gr?t??n b?f?r? made known to the ?ubl?? about th? identity ?f th? ?tt??k?r?, th??r origins ?? well as th??r m?t?v??. H? said th?t "In F?bru?r? 2016, Eur???l'? head h?d ???d th?t 5,000 jihadists who h?d ?????? from S?r?? ?nt? th? Eur????n Un??n ?r? n?w ?t l?rg?." H? ?l?? ?dd?d "W?th 94 r?turn?d j?h?d??t? currently based ?n Molenbeek, ?t ??ll? f?r an alert th?t th? open b?rd?r? ?r? endangering th? lives of th? Eur????n ??t?z?n."

UKIP'? leader, N?g?l Farage, ?l?? expresses h?? anger ?b?ut th? Bru???l? ?tt??k b? ????ng "I'm very ?ngr? by what h?? h????n?d ?n Bru???l? today and even m?r? d??r????d f?r the futur?."  He t??k t? tw?tt?r page t? retweet All???n P??r??n'? tweet wh??h w?? not d?ff?r?nt fr?m Hookem's.

S??ur?t? g??n?

Wh?l? th? UKIP's w?nt UK ?ut ?f EU, S?r R??h?rd Dearlove, former h??d of MI6 fr?m 1999 t? 2004 h?? th?t it w?ll be safer in security t?rm? f?r UK t? be under EU. H?? w?rd? w?r?  "th? cost t? Br?t??n w?uld b? l?w", fr?m a ???ur?t? ??r????t?v?.

Th? UK ?? to hold a referendum on 23 Jun? ?n whether or not to ?t?? ?n th? Eur????n Un??n. Mr. C?m?r?n is leading the ??m???gn to stay, wh?l? Mr. F?r?g? ?? a pushing for leave.

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