Ever since Canada introduced a new pathway for permanent residency less number of immigrant caregivers have settled in Ottawa, capital of the North American country. According to the data released by the Immigration Department, around 2,730 immigrant caregivers applied for permanent residency, but only 555 of them, which are approximately 20 percent received it in the last three years. This drop is because of the new rules the former Conservative government implemented regarding language and post-secondary education requirements for immigrants in November 2014. Between 2008 and 2014, around 8,000 live-in caregivers received permanent residencies. The only requirement was that they were needed to commit to two-year live-in employment and clear medical exam and criminal records. The old rules implemented during the 1990s and when they were changed, the sector saw a drop of 83 percent in permanent residencies issued. Along with the education and language requirements, applicants need to pay an application fee of CAD 1,000 and put an annual cap of 5,500 allotments per year. However, the only clause that removed was that employees didn't need to live in with the employers to reduce exploitation and abuse cases.

Canada's aging population

One of the reasons Canada started its immigration plan is because of its aging population. Canada needs young and active workers who will boost the economy and not become dependent on it. Canada needs caregivers looking after its elderly population. However, till now the Trudeau administration hasn't done anything about it. Rupaleem Bhuyan, a professor of social work at the University of Toronto, said that only a few things have changed. Because of the language and education requirements, the pathway has become very hard. The Liberal government that took over the government made slight changes but have been ignorant about the topic since. To get the permanent residency visa, many caregivers take up language tests and one-year post-secondary diploma, but it only makes things difficult for them.

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