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This past week an incident happened, in which a Chinese citizen had a Hong Kong SAR that is special Administrative Region passport was refused to enter in Bangkok and Thailand. The ImmD that is Honk Kong Residents Unit Department responded upon knowing the incident. The department immediately responded to it. They coughed the situation through the commission of foreign affairs of the chin. The regulating body of OCMFA, the embassy of China in Thailand and general consulate for this incident.

The staff confirmed it from the authority that there has been an incident regarding refusal of entry to a Chinese citizen. The administration assured that it was a regular procedure, the Chinese citizen had fewer documents to support his visa. This is a rare situation where a citizen has been refused to enter Thailand, Hong Kong.

The Chinese authorities demanded an investigation regarding this issue. The embassy is working closely to see what lead them to the refusal of entry. The concerned Chinese citizen had a valid visa, yet he was refused to enter in Hong Kong. There are some other aspects to this story as well which will be uncovered in upcoming days. The Hong Kong residents who travel outside Hong Kong, if you need any help or assistance, you can call on hotline 24-hours of assistance ImmD at (852) 1868. This sometimes happens due to mismanagement or miscommunication. China and its related state Honk Kong have a very deep rooted relationship. Incidents like these make confusion around the authorities. There may have miss understanding between the concerned citizen and authorities. Hong Kong is working on the case and is with contact to Chinese embassy including other officials.

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