Good news from New Zealand for Mauritius and Seychelles nationals

New Zealand is a beautiful country, but also the welcoming nature of the people of New Zealand makes it more beautiful. This week the Government of New Zealand has announced that from November this year the citizen of Mauritius and Seychelles will not have to get a visitor visa to travel New Zealand. This will be valid until three months from the month of issuance.

The immigration of New Zealand General Manager said that this visa relaxation would ease the visit of national from these two countries. This agreement is the first step towards a great working relationship with New Zealand. This is a great initiative because there will be more opportunities for better and effective tourism as well as business.

With this new visa people will be able to have holidays, can visit families, and enjoy the beauty of New Zealand without any problem or difficulty.

But there are certain areas where there is still requires needed to apply for the visit for non-Zealanders. Among them, the health and character are the most important ones. Also, travel tickets and evidence to support the travel that is funds should also provide.

New Zealand is a lovely place to visit with its beautiful mountains and trees and beaches. The government of New Zealand is keen to have a better relationship with these two countries to promote tourism, healthy lifestyle, promote cultures and bring closer relations with the people of these two countries.

Mauritius is also a fascinating country having beautiful islands. Also, Seychelles because of e of their diversity and culture. Inviting people from these two countries is a well-organized step that has been taken by New Zealand Government.

Not just these two nations, New Zealand is also making efforts to connect rest of the world by bringing more and more workers and young talent to its shores.

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