New Zealand Immigration: New Visa Conditions to Receive Partner Visa

New Zealand Immigration: New Visa Conditions to  Receive Partner Visa

Immigration New Zealand has published new guidance on how it will evaluate visa appeals by the spouses of New Zealanders. The modifications affect couples trying to get a temporary visa for an abroad born partner. 

The latest guidelines in May 2019 made it more difficult for couples who had not resided together good enough to receive partnership visas. That was partially reversed by the addition of a visa which is culturally arranged marriage visa in the last week.

Latest Reforms on NZ Partner Visa

But today's reforms will provide other family visits, including spouses who met their NZ partner overseas and did not reside together long enough to satisfy criteria for a partnership visa.

Immigration states improving relationships & getting married are lawful directions and visa evaluations will see at the power of applicants' connections to their partner.

The potential that an appellant may apply for a temporary visa, or appeal for NZ residence, in New Zealand doesn't in itself indicate that they do not genuinely want a short-term stay in New Zealand for a legal purpose.

Where a person is attempting to enter New Zealand to meet a spouse the power of their connections to that individual and any other family member that they may have in New Zealand is important to evaluate whether they are a 'bona fide appellant'.

Officials of Immigration NZ must still be fulfilled that appellants are unlikely to live in New Zealand unlawfully or breach their visa restrictions.

Appellants who have entered into a connection with a individual residing in New Zealand, but not resided with that individual, should be advised to provide information and proof regarding their relationship when they appeal for a general visitor visa

This will enable immigration officials to more effectively understand the power of the applicant's connections to New Zealand, also those to their home nation.

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