Modi Won’t Sign MOU Until Indian Worker Issue Solved in the UK

Modi Won't Sign MOU Until Indian Worker Issue Solved in the UK

The United Kingdom government recently requested Narendra Modi, prime minister of India to sign a memorandum of understanding for illegal immigrants, until the British government comes up with a solution for the current visa process. PM Modi was supposed to sign the MOU during his recent visit to the British Isles. But he didn’t and instead demanded that the British government must first solve the UK visa process issue that has left many Indians in the United Kingdom jobless. Times of India quoted that only after that India will give a formal consent to the memorandum.

When India signs the memorandum, Modi will have to bring back all Indian immigrants who are currently living in the United Kingdom. In exchange, UK government promised to make visa rules easier for Indians. Kiren Rijiju, Home Affairs Minister of State and Caroline Nokes, UK Minister for Immigration completed the groundwork on the memorandum of understanding in January 2018. Everything was going smoothly until the Indian government found that British government had made no progress on their side of the bargain and that is when Modi intervened and told that he won’t keep his side of the deal.

What was the memorandum of understanding all about?

India also mentioned that British government must look into the matter regarding the rejection of indefinite leave to remain applications of Indians. UK Home Office rejected the applications on the grounds of tax errors and even accused them of being terrorized. Matters started getting worse in January 2018, and since then, Indian and other non-European Union nationals have conducted four protests in front of the British parliament in London.

If things would’ve worked as expected, India and the United Kingdom would’ve both benefited from the memorandum. Great Britain is just out of the Windrush generation controversy, and another one clearly damages the country’s image.