Trump Immigration Adviser Ordered to Turn Over Briefing Document

Posted on: 08 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Immigration news , latest visa news USA , Trump travel ban ,

A federal court in the United States has passed an order to one of President Donald trump’s important advisers on the issue of migration to submit a memo he used in delivering a report to the president during the handover.

The judge, James O’Hara, passed the order on Wednesday asking the secretary of state for Kansas Kris Kobach to submit a copy of the document he took into a conference with the president of the United States at the president’s golf club the previous week.

The conference was a private one, but a part of the memo’s cover page which is titled “Department of Homeland Security: Kris steps for the first year in office” was photographed by newsmen as Kris and the president stood to take pictures.

Pictures of the memo showed that inside the folder were proposals for the documentation of nationals from war zone nations, scrutinizing of foreign tourists, a banning of asylum seekers from Syria, sending back foreigners with a criminal record and the construction of a wall with the state of Mexico.

At the moment of the conference, Kris who is a popular migration wolf was been talked about for most of the week for selection to a top government position by the president. So far, no such appointment has occurred yet.

Judge James has not finalized his ruling that Kris has to submit the memo to those who asked for it: the accusers in a case challenging the proof belonging to a nation for those who desire to register as a voter.

As it stands, the judge is asking that the document is submitted to the court for an in-house assessment.

Judge James also stated that Kris has asserted that the memo is guided and protected by presidential powers.

The judge also said he’d talk about the presidential assertion of going through the document to verify if it does have an importance in the case at hand. Kris could go against the judge’s ruling and put forward a case to the district court in charge of the case. A spokeswoman for the justice department refused to talk on the matter.

A representative for the white house and Kris also did not give responses to the issue.

The representatives for the civil liberties union also did not provide a response to questions about the ruling.

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