Switzerland to Centralize Visa Processing Facilities in India

Posted on: 13 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Immigration , News , Switzerland , Visa , visa news ,

In a bid to further solidify the incentives offered under one package, the permit processing equipment to Switzerland in India is to be harmonized, a top official to the country said.

“We aim to align the permit processing units. For residents of Chennai, permits get processed in Mumbai via the VFS for now. Later in the future, we hope to have harmonized it and start processing permits in New Delhi,” Switzerland’s envoy to India said to newsmen.

Based on what he disclosed, the harmonizing of permits was necessary as there is now an increase in application for licenses. Switzerland is the second largest permit processing country after Germany, the envoy said.

Taking part in a synergistic crowd session put together by the business arm of the commerce and industry ministry, the agent disclosed that Switzerland would mark the 2015-2016 year with the title “reason inventively, Think Switzerland’.

A key aspect of this construct is the solar impulse, the world’s solar aircraft which travels without any fuel from fossil, would be used in India. “it possesses the wings of the Boeing 747, which is one of the largest aircraft made. It will be available in India in March,” the envoy said.

On the bilateral relationship between the two countries, the diplomat said: “about last year, the revenue was $3.2 billion dollars.” It has since grown by 4%.

On India agreeing on the economic trade deal with Switzerland, he said both nations had been discussing for the last seven years.

“It has not yet come to fruition. Advancements can be achieved with the making of a new regime in India. It is highly imperative to begin discussion on implementing the trade deal as soon as possible,” he said.


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