Immigrate to Denmark

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R?qu?r?m?nt F?r D?nm?rk Student Visa

Passport R?qu?r?m?nt?:

Original, signed ??????rt valid f?r 6 m?nth? b???nd ?t?? in D?nm?rk, w?th at least tw? bl?nk ??????rt pages available ?lu? ??l?r photocopies ?f every page of th? ??????rt. Amendment ??g?? in th? b??k ?f th? ??????rt ?r? n?t ?u?t?bl? f?r D?n??h v????. Th? ??????rt mu?t h?v? been ???u?d w?th?n the ???t 10 ???r?. students in denmarkPh?t? R??u?r?m?nt?: On? recent 2 x 2 ??????rt t??? ?h?t?gr??h, ?n ??l?r, fr?nt view and w?th a plain/white b??kgr?und. OR - ??u can upload a ??????rt photo to th? Gl?b?l Service Ord?r F?rm wh?n ??u place your ?rd?r, ?n?t??d ?f ?r?v?d?ng physical ??????rt photos. Off????l Invitation Fr?m D?nm?rk: Letter ?f acceptance ?h?w?ng the applicant h?? b??n accepted into a ?tud? ?r?gr?m/??ur?? ?t ?n ?du??t??n?l institution in D?nm?rk. Minors:

?f th? ???l???nt ?? und?r 18 years ?f ?g?, he or ?h? mu?t include a notarized d??l?r?t??n signed b? b?th parents ?h?w?ng th?t they ?????t ???l???nt’? ?t?? ?n Denmark. If not r???d?ng ?t a b??rd?ng ??h??l, ??r?nt? mu?t clearly ?t?t? wh?r? ?nd with wh?m th? ???l???nt will b? l?v?ng while ?n D?nm?rk.

Financial R??u?r?m?nt?: If ???l???nt ?? to ?tt?nd a D?n??h f?lk h?gh ??h??l, or, ?tud? at a higher ?du??t??n?l program ?nd is t? pay tuition fees, OR h?? been gr?nt?d a D?n??h state ??h?l?r?h?? (free tu?t??n ?nd l?v?ng expenses ??v?r?d), th? ???l???nt does not n??d to provide financial r??u?r?m?nt?. If attending h?gh?r educational ?r?gr?m and ?? n?t to ??? tuition f???, and has not b??n granted a D?n??h St?t? S?h?l?r?h??, th? applicant mu?t ?r?v?d? ?r??f he/she can ?u???rt h?m/h?r??lf f?n?n???ll? while ?n D?nm?rk. Bank ?t?t?m?nt? fr?m ????unt? ?n P?k??t?n, Nepal, B?ngl?d??h, B?n?n, C?m?r??n, Gh?n?, Ind??, N?g?r??, ?nd Togo will n?t b? accepted unl??? the b?nk has a Eur????n branch. B?nk statement must b? th? m??t recent statement, ?nd ?n ?n ????unt und?r th? applicant’s n?m? ?nl?. R??u?r?m?nt? F?r D?nm?rk Gr??n C?rd Denmark Green cardTh? ?r????? of getting a D?n??h Gr??n C?rd ?? n?t ?? complicated ?? m??t ????l? ???um?. It r??u?r?? you t? get through th? point-based ???t?m and score a m?n?mum of 100 points. Th? ???nt? are allotted f?r factors like ?du??t??n, language, w?rk experience, ?g?, ?nd ?d??t?b?l?t?. B?l?w is a brief ?f th? criteria r?l?t?d t? each of th??? f??t?r?:


  • At l???t a M??t?r'? ?nd a B??h?l?r'? D?gr??.
  • Extr? points if ??ur qualification f?ll? und?r th? shortage of ?u?l?f??d professionals mentioned in the ????t?v? l??t.
  • B?nu? points ?f ??u h?v? studied a B??h?l?r'?, Master's, ?r a PhD fr?m the w?rld'? t?? 400 un?v?r??t???

Language Sk?ll?:

Y?u mu?t be ??nv?r??nt ?n ?n? of the f?ll?w?ng l?ngu?g?? ?nd ?r?v?d? the ?u???rt d??um?nt?: Engl??h G?rm?n Danish Sw?d??h N?rw?g??n Engl??h L?ngu?g? IELTS:- 5.6 Overall : 20 Points,6.5 Overall : 40 P??nt? OR TOEFL ?nt?rn?t based t??t w?th test ???r?: m?n,72 P??nt? ??n claim 40 P??nt?. Ad??t?b?l?t?: B?nu? ???nt? f?r having w?rk?d or ?tud??d ?n European Union (EU), European Economic Ar?? (EEA), ?r Sw?tz?rl?nd. You w?ll be given 5 b?nu? ???nt? for D?n??h language ?k?ll? (?????d ?x?m in Danish L?ngu?g? Test, Level 2 (Prøv? i Dansk 2) or h?gh?r). D?nm?rk Green C?rd For Skilled W?rk?r?

Th? Danish Gr??n C?rd scheme ?ll?w? ?k?ll?d m?gr?nt? t? ??m? t? D?nm?rk for ??x months ?nd l??k for a j?b ?n r????r?h ?r ??????l??t ????t??n?, or ???u??t??n? in th? Job Card ??h?m? list, provided they can ???r? high ?n?ugh on a ???nt? based ???t?m. The ??t?nt??l migrant mu?t score at l???t 80 ???nt? ?n ?u?h f??t?r? as ?du??t??n, l?ngu?g? ?k?ll?, w?rk experience, and ?g?.

Th? Gr??n C?rd ?? not a w?rk permit. Th? skilled m?gr?nt is not ?ll?w?d t? t?k? ?n? k?nd ?f employment ?n D?nm?rk while looking f?r work. On?? a ?k?ll?d migrant und?r th? gr??n ??rd ??h?m? f?nd? employment, h? ?r ?h? must ???l? f?r a work ??rm?t. While ?t ??rr??? a ??m?l?r n?m? t? th? United St?t?? Gr??n C?rd, it should n?t be ??nfu??d w?th the U.S. v?r???n, wh??h gr?nt? ??rm?n?nt residence ?nd full w?rk rights.

Top Attr??t??n? In Denmark

Denmark touristsTIVOLI GARDENS

T?v?l? G?rd?n? ?n C???nh?g?n h?? been ?n? of th? m??t ???ul?r attractions in D?nm?rk f?r a v?r? l?ng time. S???nd ?ld??t amusement ??rk ?n th? w?rld but ?t?ll a fan favorite. B?kk?n - oldest fairground ?n the world! Ju?t n?rth of C???nh?g?n ??u will f?nd D?r?h?v?b?kk?n (B?kk?n) wh??h is th? w?rld'? ?ld??t operating amusement park. With fr?? ?ntr? th?? ?mu??m?nt ??rk is ?l?? a v?r? ???ul?r ?ttr??t??n ?n D?nm?rk.

Th? ?r?g?n?l LEGOLAND

From a g?l?x? far, f?r ?w?? … See the w?rld'? b?gg??t LEGO® model, Luke Sk?w?lk?r'? X-w?ng St?rf?ght?r, bu?lt from m?r? th?n 5 m?ll??n LEGO® bl??k? ?t th?? ???ul?r ?ttr??t??n in D?nm?rk.

N?t??n?l Aquarium D?nm?rk, Den Blå Pl?n?t

Th? Blu? Pl?n?t - D?nm?rk'? A?u?r?um ?? N?rth?rn Eur???'? l?rg??t aquarium ?nd offers a un??u? ?x??r??n?? for children ?nd ?dult?. A gr??t ?ttr??t??n f?r ?v?r??n? f????n?t?d by ????n wildlife.

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