Australians Working In UK Caught Up By Visa Changes

The Australian High Commissioner wanted greater cooperation from the United Kingdom to control the fall in number of Australians working in Australia.

British Government’s intention to use contain immigration is affecting the Australians and other non-European countries. The Australian Government had consulted with the United Kingdom over the issue, secretary level talks and the issue was brought to the immigration minister’s notice. If the salary cap is made active every year 40000 foreign nationals must leave the United Kingdom.

The Higher Commissioner opined that the UK wants to contain migration, so they directly cannot target European Union members. The non-EU migrant workers have become soft target and Australians and other foreign nationals are caught up in the tough immigration policies of United Kingdom.

The Australia has plans to talk to the UK to maintain free movement between both the Australia and Canada. Since 2008 the Australians working in the United Kingdom decreased by 40 percent.

People in the Arts field do not earn money set as a threshold by the United Kingdom Government. Those who do not earn must face deportation. Unless a migrant worker earns the salary limit set by the UK, he would not be allowed to live in the UK with a valid visa . There are other areas such as the skilled shortage areas for that professions, the UK did not set any salary limit.

Indian Government even protested largely on the Tier 2 visa salary threshold, considered it as the discriminatory measure.

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