Job Opportunities for J-1 and H-1B Visa Candidates in the US

Posted on: 03 May 2016  |   Tags: H-1B Visa , J-1 and H-1B Visa , J-1 Visa ,

The J-1 & H-1B visas are specially designed for Teachers to work in the US. Characteristics of the Visas for Teachers The J-1 visa is broadly used by Teachers, who are interested in working in Secondary or primary schools in the United States for a time of 1-3 years. With J-1 visa, you can teach any subject from Mathematics and Science to music, yet the truth is that each year number of positions for Spanish dialect teachers is advertised. H-1B Visa is generally used by U.S. schools and colleges to utilize remote nationals in "specialty occupations", characterized under immigration law as "one which requires the hypothetical and commonsense use of an assortment of very particular information requiring the fulfillment of a single guy's or higher degree as a base for section into the occupation." Despite the fact that, there is an extensive variety of occupations whose section level necessities fit the law's depiction for H-1B status, the migration administration has immovably settled that the accompanying classifications of laborers fall inside the H-1B classification: medicinal services experts, college educators and different instructors, engineers, frameworks examiners and other PC experts, researchers, custodians, therapists, columnists, editors, specialized distributions essayists, administration advisors, statistical surveying investigators, money related investigators and different persons in cutting edge business claims to fame, bookkeepers, legal counselors and outside law guides, designers, and other administration experts. The following are five offices that contract teachers in the US: The Amity Institute sends worldwide teachers to open, private and sanction schools. The Alliance Abroad Group supports the visa; however the candidate himself needs to discover a school or secondary school to work. The Center for International Education searches for educators who are interested in working in the U.S. for no less than two years. You can apply in the event that you can instruct at an essential (basic) school, bilingual projects (English/Spanish) and English as a Second Language (ESL). The Cordell Hull Foundation for International Education is an NGO to which you can present your claim. It is in an e-mail with schools in the US and has supported a number of J-1 visas throughout the years for educators from more than fifty nations. The Foreign Academic and Cultural Exchange Services (FACES) furnish remote instructors with the chance to work at schools in South Carolina. They search for educators who can show Spanish, Primary (basic) School subjects, Special Education, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Music, and Art.

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