The Department of State holds the green card lottery, authoritatively known as Diversity Visa Program, each year, conceding 55,000 foreigner visas, otherwise called Green Card, through arbitrary PC choice to the nationals of nations qualified to apply, to live and work in the US as a perpetual resident. The local people of Switzerland (individuals who were conceived in Switzerland) are qualified to apply.

Qualification of Switzerland for Green Card Lottery

Qualified nations are the ones that have sent a less number of settlers to the US in the earlier year; Switzerland is right now on the rundown of qualified nations. Any nation that has sent more than 50,000 workers in the previous five years is ineligible for the project.

In the event that you get the worker visa through the Diversity Visa Program, you will be permitted to concentrate, live and work for all time in the place where there are your fantasies. You will likewise be permitted to bring your mate and any unmarried youngsters less than 21 years old to the United States with you.

In October, the US Department of State opens the lottery for green card entries and amid March/April of the next year arbitrarily chooses the names of the camps of the Green Card Lottery.

Switzerland has stayed on the rundown of qualified nations in the earlier years. Several green card lottery visas are conceded to Swiss natives in assorted qualities lottery each year. Those Swiss residents can forever move to live and work in the US.

Non-Immigrant Visas

There are 60 different sorts of non-settler visas for Student Exchange (J-1 Visa), Temporary Work (H-1 Visa), columnist, business, instruction, and tourism which can be acquired effectively when contrasted with the Green Card, however these are for a brief timeframe and don't give you any of the privileges of an American subject.

The relationship amongst Switzerland and US

Relations between the US and Switzerland are respective, extremely enhanced and have a rich custom. Somewhere around 1700 and 2009, around 460,000 Swiss residents moved to the US, and around 10% of Swiss populace dwells in the US. Both nations are occupied with accomplishing progress through heightening cooperation in zones of shared interests like political and financial, tertiary training, science, social issues and exchange relations to encourage exchange.

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