German Entrepreneur Visa requirements and advantages

Germany expecting about 300,000 refugees this year

One of the most sought after entrepreneurship visa is for Germany. A survey conducted by Ernst & Young showed that businessmen around the globe prefer Germany to set up businesses overseas. Around 500 entrepreneurs around the world were surveyed to produce the report. Germany is now a top business destination for entrepreneurs around the globe after the US and China. It stands 3rd on the global rankings.

An overseas entrepreneur will receive a German Entrepreneur visa on cases like, Germany requiring the need for the existence of the particular business in the country. It needs to have a positive effect on the economy of the country.

Although there is no specific mention of the minimum required fund that needs to be present, it advisable to have minimum funds of €250,000.

There are beneficial aspects of having a German Entrepreneurship visa. The treatment received is same as that by the German nationals without discriminating the nature of work or business. One is not required to have a German national as a guarantor or associate in order to start business in Germany. Once a business has been established and running for 3 consecutive years, the visa holder and the respective family receives unlimited permits to reside in Germany, allowing one to move in and out of the country without hassles.

There has been a massive demand for Software developers in Germany. Fields such as App development, cloud computing and data analytics have a lot of vacancies open for experts in those fields of work. There is an estimation of about 43,000 job vacancies in the country, quoted by WorkPermit. In late 2016 the German Federal Association for Information Technology noticed that German businesses fell short of staff by 60%.

It has been noticed that German businesses have fallen short by 60% of IT staff in the year 2016.