After several years of delay, the United States’ embassy in Israel has officially commenced acceptance of applications from Nationals of Israel for E2 Treaty visas. This development which kick-started on 01 May 2019 has also received a reciprocal gesture from Israel as its embassy in the U.S.A has also started receiving an application for accepting the B-5 visa applications for US citizens. The E1 treaty trader visa has always been opened to Israelis since 3 April 1954. This E2 visa deal started in 2012 when the former American President, Obama, signed a legislation piece to implement bilateral investment deal with Israel on the condition that the government of Israel would reciprocate same by introducing an Immigration contract for the American citizens. However, the Israeli government did not approve the deal until after two years; as such the United States government denied them access to the E2 visa for another four years until both governments reached an agreement.

Celebration of E2 Treaty

A ceremony was organized on 06 May to commemorate the treaty agreement between the two countries. With the Israeli B-5 visa and the US E2 visa being finally made available from 01 May, Tsvi Kan-Tor the chair of the Israel-America Chamber of commerce’s visas committee expressed his feelings over the situation with remarks that he believed this was the best solution for Israeli entrepreneurs and hi-tech sector, as the visa is embedded with incredible benefits which are not available in other work visas. Some benefits include Residence outside America, No requirements for minimum wage, academic experience, or seniority in business. Partners of visa holders are also granted work permits in the US.

Eligibility of E2 Visa for Israelis

According to the visa rules, Israeli investors would be permitted to stay and work in the United States for two years after which two years extension can be applied for. Those eligible includes:
  • Citizens of a country in navigation and commerce treaty with the US.
  • Those who wish to come to the US mainly for the development of US business. The person must own minimum of 50% of the company or occupy the position of a manager.
  • Must be an investor or potential investor in a new or already existing business.
  • Be participating in the business at a supervisory or managerial role or have specific qualifications like unique products and services knowledge of that company.

E2 visa for New Zealand

With access to the E2 visa being made available to Israel and some other countries, it is now deliberated whether New Zealand will also get the deal. The KIWI Act was signed into law by President Trump on 01 August 2018, but it is still unknown when the citizens of New Zealand will be allowed to enter the E2 visa program. Stay connected to www.visanews.into know more updated visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA! Please fill our Evaluation form to know whether you are eligible or not and we will also suggest you for the better options available for you.

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